From Pispala on Your Wall. Photography, Wallart and Image Editing from Pispala, Finland | 35mm Film Photography

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Mesmerizing Wallart and Canvases | The Newest Images

  • Together

    Two kids are watching sunset next to swamp lake. Ylöjärvi, Finland.

  • Pathfinder I

    Seasoned wood floor, Pispala. Tampere Finland.

  • Pathfinder II

    Seasoned wood floor, Pispala. Tampere Finland.

  • Old Sauna (Blooming Roof)

    Rather old chimneyless sauna near Nurmijärvi, Finland. Goats love to be up there, on the blooming roof.

  • Clover Field Dancer

    An installation of rock and wood, dancing on the clover field. Pyynikinharju (esker), Tampere.

  • Lion Tool

    An old tool with beautiful engraving.

  • Waxed Leaves

    Big leaves of plant with dew drops at Tahmela garden area, Tampere Finland.

  • Night Flower

    Mystical plant at Tahmela beach, Tampere Finland.

  • Monument

    Magnificent tree at Tahmela beach, Pispala, Tampere Finland.